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Hi! Thanks for stopping by! 
C O V E T was founded in 2016 after what seemed like a whole lot of time just talking about how great it would be to open shop doing something I loved. As kids we talk about being Doctors, Firefighters and Veterinarians when we grow older. Me? I wanted to be a cowgirl. I'll forever remember that day, in 5th grade, when another kid told me that wasn't actually a job. I really hadn't put any thought into being anything other than a cowgirl. Now what?!
I bought a wallet in 2013. It had a cowgirl on it, and I picked out a pony-hair keychain to go with it. I realized later on that it wasn't my style, and I would never use it, but I think I just really wanted to carry around some sort of representation of my inner-self. Luckily years later, I've found some more fashionable ways of doing so - ha!

..and so..here we are! For me - there's nothing that beats making things with your own two hands. The smell of real leather. Being able to express yourself through simple things like a wallet, or a bag. (Plus every time you open it, you find yourself inhaling that sweet, sweet leathery goodness. Admit it.)
C O V E T is geared towards allowing YOU to make each piece your own.

Thanks for supporting.