There are a variety of products and methods to treat, protect & clean your leather goods. Proceed with caution. It is advised to always test in an inconspicuous location, first. Specific care will depend on leather, and issue.

Untreated leather
Some C O V E T items are untreated. This allows the leather to do it's own thing. Change color, show wear, soften etc. Simple things like sunlight and sweat will help create a patina to die for. If that's not your thing; check out the suggestions below!

Please understand this is meant strictly to help repel water, but you should still take measures to avoid over-saturating your item. You can use the same product you might use on your shoes. *This may slightly darken your leather, so be sure to apply in smooth and even coats to avoid spotting. Do light coats, and repeat if desired.

Leather is much like skin and needs to breathe. Do not cover your item up, or it will promote the growth of mildew. AVOID using a blowdryer or direct heat to dry it, as this will cause the leather to dry out and crack. The best thing you can do is hang & let air dry. Blotting first, with a dry microfiber cloth to remove any excess liquid. 

Whether you spilled your coffee, or your jeans are rubbing color onto your bag - there's hope! First, blot with a dry microfiber cloth to remove excess residue. Then, dampen a clean microfiber cloth. (Damp, not wet.) Blot the stained area. Let the area dry before repeating. Over-saturating the area may lead to a new stain. If you have overdone it and are experiencing a dark spot .. even out the rest by using long, soft, sweeping motions until you've blended out the spot. 

Pen Marks
I would suggest following the steps for staining. Ink CAN be removed with the use of rubbing alcohol. Depending on the leather and the way it has been treated/colored - doing this may also result in removing color or finish.

Different leathers will respond differently. First, try using a dry microfiber cloth and stroke across the scuff while applying medium pressure. If your leather is an oiled finish or looks more rugged, this will likely eliminate the appearance. If not, try following the steps under staining. 

Color transfer
If your item is rubbing color off (and onto you) rub it with a clean, dry microfiber cloth to remove excess surface color.  Repeat until there is no more rub off. You may also seal it with the help of a waterproofing product. 

The worn look
Patina is the badge your item gets by experiencing use. Nothing can duplicate this, but there are options to make your item look less NEW. If you're looking to darken your item.. Wipe it down with even sweeps of olive oil and put it outside to tan for a day or two, letting it completely dry before using. Other options include [pure] Mink oil or Neatsfoot oil. The product chosen will determine the tone. *This is for natural leather only. 

Dry leather
As mentioned before; leather is much like skin. Just as you might apply lotion when your skin is dry.. you can care for your leather items the same way. Leather items can be treated with a leather balm or conditioner. Gently rub into the leather, and it will soak up the moisture - resulting in softening. The more often you do this, the less likely your item is to show wear. If you enjoy the worn look - apply a conditioner once a year.