What do you use to dye your leather?
-We use water-based, low V.O.C., eco-friendly stains. This includes products used to make our waxed canvas.

What is a "patina"?
-Patina is the term for the sheen that builds up on the leather, over time, due to use. This is unique on every item and tells the story of its' life!

What is "oil-tanned" leather?
-Oil tanned is the process used in tanning a hide to result in a certain finish. The hide is treated with different waxes & oils in effort to get a soft and supple finish, also making it resistant to water and other elements.

What is "Stone" oil-tanned leather?
-Stone is simply the texture associated with the finish of the leather. The grain is not visible and is a clean, smooth finish.

Do you offer anything other than cowhide?
-In short, yes! Deer, goat & pigskin are also available. Not all leathers are created equal and cowhide is a way more durable product in comparison. While some of our tassels are made of deerskin, we would not recommend the use of other hides for items that will see heavy use (ie. wallet). If you would like an item made for you, of these materials, feel free to contact us with a custom order request!

I have so many questions and you have so few answers!
-Feel free to send them in an email and we will promptly respond :)